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So, you’ve decided to get married and you’re thinking about eloping. That’s so exciting! Maybe you’re still wondering exactly how to elope. It’s not the most common type of wedding, so it makes sense that you would still have some questions. Luckily, I have some answers for you! This complete guide on how to elope […]


Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make for your special day. After all, your photographer will be the one capturing all the magical moments you want to remember forever. To help you choose the right photographer for you, I’ve created a guide with the top ten questions to […]

A side shot of a bride holding a lush bouquet of flowers, photo by Marcela Plosker, a Boston wedding photographer who shares 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer before you book.


Oftentimes, what makes a wedding particularly meaningful and special is getting to celebrate your love story with your family and friends. Therefore, family wedding photos are an essential part of the photos you should have taken on your wedding day. These are the photos that will forever remind you of how much your family loves […]

A bride and her mom smile during a family wedding photo as an example of Family Wedding Photos: How to do them Right. Photograph by Marcela Plosker, Boston Massachusetts wedding photographer.


A Boston elopement is one of the best options for couples looking to get married in New England. Eloping in Boston, Massachusetts means having a wedding day that is absolutely gorgeous and special, without needing to put in tons of stressful planning beforehand. Especially with new laws and regulations in place for the foreseeable future […]

A newlywed couple holds hands as they run down the street in Boston, Massachusetts for their elopement. Photograph by Northshore, Massachusetts and Boston wedding photographer Marcela Plosker.


I’m going to be honest: while you will love every minute of your New England wedding, you won’t necessarily have time to soak in every gorgeous detail and intimate moment of the day. This is why having great wedding photos is so important and helpful! Not sure what photos to ask your wedding photographer for? […]

A bride gets ready for her wedding with her bridesmaids. Must-have wedding photos by Marcela Plosker, a Boston wedding photographer.


Being engaged is such an exciting time, and planning a New England wedding should be equally as special. However, wedding planning can easily turn into a stressful whirlwind. There are so many amazing options to choose from, decisions to be made, and outside factors like weather to consider when planning a wedding in New England. […]

Married couple holding each other in a field. Photographed by North Shore, Massachusetts wedding photographer Marcela Plosker.


During these long, cold winter months, I’m dreaming of warmer weather and looking forward to shooting some gorgeous summer weddings. Summer already has such an exciting, playful quality to it, so weddings during this time feel even more special to me. A classic New England summer wedding is one of my all-time favorite things. There […]

A bride and groom standing in a green field of their magical summer wedding in new england


To engaged couples out there, I have great news: A stress-free wedding day is possible!  Whether you’re in the beginning or final stages of wedding planning, I have some tips for you so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest. Here are my essential wedding planning tips and tricks for a perfect, stress-free […]

Bride and groom embracing each other on their wedding day, holding a beautiful wedding bouquet, Photographed by North Shore, Massachusetts wedding photographer Marcela Plosker


What even is a first look? I get asked this question often. A First Look is when the couple getting married sees each other for the first time alone, before the wedding, with just their photographer and/or videographer capturing the moment. I know this might seem like it breaks a sacred tradition, violates a taboo, […]

a bride taps her groom on the shoulder as he anticipates their first look while standing inside a stately room in Boston, Massachusetts


New England weather seems to include the possibility of rainy weather for most of the year. As a wedding photographer based in Boston, I’ve seen my fair share of rainy wedding days. I often have worried clients call me to ask how they can best prepare for a rainy wedding day. The good news is […]

an areal view of a bride and groom holding hands and facing each other during their wedding ceremony in North Shore, Massachusetts


A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and we know it's easy to feel like a hot mess! Grab our free guide to plan the perfect timeline for your day. 

5 Tips for a Perfect Wedding Day Timeline


A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and we know it can be overwhelming! Grab our free guide to plan the perfect timeline for your day. 

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