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When I was 3-years-old I picked up my first camera and never looked back.
No, I wasn't born with a camera in my hand.
Like most people I roamed this planet aimlessly searching for my passion. Then BAMMM it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had found the career that was right for me.
In all likelihood the bricks were really just my severe sleep deprivation from my first child, but that is besides the point. So here I am, loving life as a photographer. 
I also love hanging with my fam/friends, eating delicious food, trying out new things, like joining my very first dance class in my 30's.
If it makes me uncomfortable I'm in!
Lastly, If I teach you anything in this life I hope it's that you should ALWAYS, yes ALWAYS, undercook your cookies. 

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why i love what i do

There are few things in life as magical as weddings. Most of the time love is felt and not seen. However, on a wedding day I get to capture so much love in beautiful photographs. I feel so privileged to document both of your expressions when you see each other for the first time, when your friends and family cheer at the first kiss, and your hands embracing during your families heartfelt speeches. My job is truly special and I LOVE every moment of it. 

Not even sure where to begin! Our wedding experience with Marcela was so incredible. Our wedding planning/day was so hectic but because of Marcela, we felt so relaxed and at-ease knowing she was our photographer! She’s a true professional, with an unbelievable eye and a heart of gold. We are absolutely blown away by our photos. She captured our love so candidly - which was huge for us because we are quite awkward in front of the camera. Being in the wedding industry ourselves, we are beyond impressed with Marcela Plosker Photography. Thank you will never be enough. Because of you, Marcela - we are so lucky to have such amazing photos to cherish for the rest of our lives. Xxx G + F , Bride & groom 2018

For the first time in a long time, I was not in charge of planning an event. As a wedding planner and soon to be bride, you can imagine how difficult this was for me! But I left my mother and sister to it under one condition, I choose the photographer! Originally from MA but living in NYC, I didn't have too many connections back home but I knew what I wanted so I started my search. As usual, Instagram proved to be helpful and that is how I found Marcela. It took me a few seconds to scroll down her page when I realized I needed to know more. I went on her site, loved all her images and her personality and that was that! It seemed like a quick decision but after years of being in the industry, and knowing great talent when I see it, I knew I wouldn't have to worry. And let me tell you, I was 100% right! Marcela, thank you for being so kind and generous and so much fun with my friends and family at my bridal shower. I will cherish those memories and the images you took for all eternity. It truly makes me the happiest! Thank you so so much!

Ahh, where to start?! Marcela is the BEST. She is not only an insanely talented photographer who has a fantastic editing style, she is an AWESOME person. We hired Marcela for our March 2019 wedding because from the beginning, she was genuine and made us feel like getting to know us as people and as a couple was important to her. She is kind and attentive. She is detailed and doesn’t miss a beat. She is creative and open to new ideas haha- as part of our engagement photos.. we asked her if she would be willing to take pictures of our cats in wedding dresses and tuxedos- (we had these photos displayed at our wedding). She enthusiastically agreed and did such a wonderful job. We are SO SO grateful that we found Marcela and that she was the one to capture the memories that we will treasure forever!
Bianca & Martin Bride & groom 2019

Uh, is it mentioned anywhere just how FUN working with Marcela is? We booked her for our engagement session and she was so accommodating with last minute location changes we requested. She picked out great spots for us to take pictures at on the fly and was very mindful of our comfort levels as clients and subjects of her photographs. I can't wait to book her for the wedding session!


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