May 19, 2017

bellingham’s little gem, pam’s diner.

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Ah my very first blog post! How exciting!

On Sunday I had the pleasure of working with this quaint diner (Pam’s Diner). I always walk into these business with my heart open ready to learn. Danielle, the owner of Pam’s Diner was super sweet and very welcoming. I loved getting to know her story and how she took over the diner.

It was refreshing to hear that Danielle kept the previous owner’s name on diner because she wanted to honor Pam for having lost her fight with cancer. I was also shocked to learn that she took over the diner when her twins were only five-months-old! I was completely sleep deprived when Bella was five-months-old so I was amazed that she would take on more responsibility. However, I was inspired! It takes a strong woman to take over a business while learning how to be a new mom at the same time. Did I mention she had twins?! I hope to keep meeting women like Danielle this year, who teach me that with drive you can do anything!

Sometimes I get too caught up in my business and feel guilty that I had to be away from Bella for a full day, but then I realize it’s okay to do something for myself as well. I spend most of my days taking care of Bella, Cooper, and Matt, that sometimes I have to realize I have to take care of my needs as well. Also, by sometimes I mean all the time, yes you should be taking care of yourself every day as well! I’m not sure why we moms feel so guilty when our lives aren’t being consumed by our children or husbands. The more I chat with moms the more I see that we lose a part of ourselves, and some of us do not gain it back for years, or decades.

I am a much better mom when I am happy and fulfilled. I have a wonderful family that fills my heart every day, but my business is the one thing I do for me as well as for my families future. I am just happier when I have both in my life. When I first had Bella I struggled with the transition to full time mom. I had previously been in school and had just finished up working on a psychology experiment for BSU, that gave me a great sense of accomplishment. After having Bella, it became difficult to realize that every day I nurtured her was an accomplishment. Your baby doesn’t pat you on the back or give you bonuses, but eventually they start smiling for you, and that is bigger than life.

I can now say that I am in full time happy mommy mode, except when she’s having a full blown tantrum, then I’m just trying to keep cool, calm, and collected. I guess what I am trying to say is life is forever changing and this is my journey. I may not always be perfect and honestly I do not strive to be. I just strive to help my daughter grow into a compassionate, loving, and determined girl. I believe I can show her how to be all of these things if I am leading her by example, much as Danielle is showing her twins the same.

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